Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Grant Doherty was born in Lusk, Wyoming, and grew up in Torrington, Wyoming, although he graduated from high school in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. As a child he had an abounding interest in Legos and also enjoyed working outside doing yard and garden projects on and around his grandparent’s property. In his early years of high school and college he converted these diverse interests into a part-time job working for a local construction firm doing manual labor. He also spent time working summers as a co-chef in a local steak house.  This led to his continuing love for simple food, well-prepared and well-cooked.

Grant started to gain an interest in US History and Political History reading biographies about Andrew Jackson and John Kennedy.  His interest was also sparked while visiting Dallas, Texas, and the museums and sites at and around Dealey Plaza. An opportunity to visit Washington, DC, and experience all of the history throughout that city helped further grow these interests.

His early fondness for Legos, his dislike for language classes, and his love for mathematics lead him back to Wyoming where he studied at the University of Wyoming and earned both a Bachelors’ and a Masters’ degree in structural engineering. When presented with difficult or confusing situations or problems he likes to take them apart, figure out the basic structure of the situation or problem, and arrive at a solution that, ideally, solves fairly for all of the issues, whether structural, philosophical, personal, or any other.

In his spare time Grant likes to work in his yard or in his garden in Lochbuie, Colorado, or going to his parents’ home in Greeley, Colorado to help out.  He is also an active member in his community which includes his time as a board member of the Greeley Urban Renewal Authority, a board member for his local Home Owners Association, a town trustee for the Town of Lochbuie, as well as being a founding committee member of the Rocky Mountain Building Information Society.  He also volunteers for a family started charitable non-profit organization (Gracie's Promise), and enjoys relaxing and spending time with his family, his friends, and his dog, Sigma.